Kaiju Assault


The REalm of Goryo Extension pack and More!

If you’re looking for a new game to check out then look no further.

Kaiju Assault is a turn based fighting game featuring all kinds of monsters that can handle 2 to near infinite amount of players depending on how many cards you have. 4 people can easily play at one time with the starter pack alone.

Then you add in the extension packs!

The Realm of Goryo extension packs bring to life, Goryo, Lord Tatsumi, Tengi, Raisha, Horus, and more. Plow through your opponents with blunt force trauma, strike them down with lightning, blow them up, or create an army of other monsters to do your bidding.

Plus, the Realm of Goryo extension packs come with added goodies! Extension pack 1 comes with the Prelude Book, for those that haven’t started the series yet. (No judgment here). And Extension pack 2 comes with a Secret Origins Guide for several of the kaiju. It has stuff not yet revealed in the books!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out, right here!