Goryo vs Basan

 I'm finally starting Realm of Goryo Book 4.  Not only this book, but Season 2 has been rattling in my head for about a year.  I've been excited to finally start bringing it to life.  I had to get a couple of other projects done first.  Those are done now, so I can get back into this.  

I hope there are people that are just as excited as I am.  There is still a lot more to come from this world and these characters.  Season 1 (Books 1-3) were just laying the ground work.  I'm starting to get the series to where I've always wanted it to be.  We've got people going into space.  You finally get to see the creators of Robo-Goryo, the Manlins, and their forced neighbors, the Vultions.  We've got amphibious people challenging their leaders.  We've got extremists praying to their kaiju gods.  We've got soldiers in giant robots defending the world and beyond.   Machines!  Magic!  Mayhem!  

So, I thought I would throw out a sample of what's to come.  This is literally a first draft.  I've barely edited it.  I just wanted to share.  If you see any typos, don't worry, I'll get to those eventually.  

This fight has been in my head for a couple of weeks.  Basan became one of my favorite kaiju when I was writing The Culling.  So I decided to bring them back when the opportunity arose.  


Goryo vs Basan 


Across the world, in the remains of Tokyo, Goryo slumbered.  The city had been his home since his return to the world in 2012.  Graceful when he needed to be and destructive when he had to be; most of the city used to be intact.  Then the tidal wave of Mu’s resurgence came along, and brought down many of the buildings that stood in the once great city.  Now, rubble was stacked in several piles throughout the remains of the city.  The piles were pale comparisons to the buildings that used to stand in Tokyo, but they would have to do. 

Goryo had gone nearly undisturbed since Raisha attacked.  There was always the ambitions kaiju that would turn its head toward Tokyo in an attempt to take Goryo’s territory, but Goryo made quick work of any adversary. 

The one thing Goryo looked out for was Lord Tatsumi.  Since their short alliance against the Riven Mother, the two had not crossed paths again.  If Lord Tatsumi was content in Ryugu-jo then Goryo would not bother with the kaiju-god.

Goryo’s sleep was disturbed.  Rubble shifted underneath a new presence in Tokyo.  The kaiju-beast stirred.  He shook away any grogginess and looked all around him.  The immediate area was clear.

More disturbances started to echo around him.  Goryo rose to his feet.  He let our small huff through his nose.  Reaching up, Goryo pulled on his tusks sticking out of his chin.  The jolt of pain made him more alert. 

There was a sound to Goryo’s left.  He looked over.  A shadow danced through what remained of the streets of the city. 

Goryo roared.  Several times, Goryo pounded the ground beneath his feet.  He called out for his adversary to show itself.  Answering Goryo’s call, a high pitched shriek was released.  Goryo shifted his feet.  He faced the direction of the sound. 

Then the kaiju revealed itself.  Basan appeared from around the corner of a building.  The kaiju was agile.  Its body moved around the structure like liquid.  Basan was smaller than the last time it was around against its battle with Babel 4.  The giant nimble chicken’s feathers were fresh.  It stood on two legs that came down to three long claws.  Its hind claw was its most dangerous.  Basan’s tail stuck out long and fierce to steady the creature.  Its body bobbed up and down as it stared back at Goryo.

Goryo roared again.  He pounded his chest.  The kaiju-beast was not amused at his unwelcomed guest.  Basan screeched back.  It was long and deep.  This time flames accompanied the battle cry.  The fire breathing kaiju was not going to run away from Goryo.

Goryo stepped forward, ready to gain momentum to charge his challenger when he was disturbed by another battle cry to his right.  A second Basan revealed itself across the city.  It cried out with fire at Goryo.  Then its brother replied.  The two Basans stood on either side of Goryo, measuring up the kaiju-beast. 

Goryo stopped and circled the forming battlefield.  The Basans were stepping closer.  The two kaiju grew braver with the numbers advantage.  They shrieked to one another and at Goryo.  They were coordinating their plan of action. 

Goryo growled.  He slammed the ground several times.  The two Basans did not flinch.  They were not afraid.  More fire hit the air from their beaks.  The blasts were growing in strength. 

Finally, Goryo stopped hesitating.  He charged to his left to the first Basan he had confronted.  But before he could tackle his enemy a third Basan emerged on the scene. 

It was in the air before Goryo saw it strike.  Its hind claws dug deep into Goryo’s back as the two kaiju toppled to the ground.  Goryo rolled with the momentum.  The third Basan jumped off of Goryo’s back and landed on the ground nearby.  It turned quickly to keep its eye on the action.

Before Goryo could get his bearings the first Basan struck.  It charged forward at its fallen adversary with fire shooting out of its mouth.  The flames fanned across Goryo’s arm.  Then the first Basan’s beak sunk into its target.

Goryo was on his stomach as the first Basan dug its bite into his left arm.  The shrieks continued as the second attack approached.  The second Basan leaped forward.  It landed on Goryo’s back, digging its claws into Goryo’s skin and further deepening the wounds left by its brother.  Goryo roared out in pain.  Flames began to surround the back of his head and reach down to his face. 

With a surge of adrenaline, Goryo curled up to his knees.  The second Basan was still on his back.  He got to his feet with both Basan’s still attached to him.  Goryo dropped his arm to relieve the pressure of holding up the first Basan with his left arm. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Goryo could see the third Basan making its charge.  It jumped into the air like grease lighting. 

Then Goryo slammed his back toward the ground.  The second Basan was crushed underneath Goryo’s weight as the two bodies hit the cement ground.  The street crumbled around them, and the Basan let go of its grip on Goryo’s back. 

The third Basan overshot the ruckus and skidded into a building across the fight.  It took a second for it to regain its composure.  That was all the time Goryo needed to rally.

Goryo got back to his feet.  The first Basan still held its death grip on his left forearm.  His black fur was charred away.  The feeling in his arm was gone, burnt away by Basan’s attack. 

Goryo reached over and punched the first Basan in the head several times with his right hand.  It soon let go, freeing Goryo from his enemies.

The third Basan watched as its brothers got to their feet.  The three Basan’s took the moment.  They did not attack.  Instead they repositioned themselves.  The three kaiju servants surrounded Goryo on all sides. 

Goryo staggered.  He paced in a circle, eyeing down each Basan.  His left arm hung at his side.  There was no feeling below his elbow, but he could still move it.

The shrieks from the three Basan’s started up.  Their fire breath came out staggered.  The sound echoed around Goryo. 

Not waiting for the Basans to attack again, Goryo kicked rubble into the first Basan to his left.  He then charged the third Basan to his right.  

The third Basan tried to get away, but Goryo was able to grab hold of its long tail.  It screeched as it was pulled back in to Goryo’s range of attack. 

The second Basan charged forward.  Goryo was ready for it.  He crashed his fist into the second Basan after it went airborne.  The giant chicken could not dodge the attack and went careening into the street. 

Goryo pulled the third Basan in his grip closer.  He struck the Basan several times with his numb fist.  The sound of bone and beak cracking boomed in the rumble.

The first Basan charged forward, recovered from the thrown debris.  Goryo changed his grip on the third Basan’s neck.  Using the third Basan like a shield, Goryo swung wide and slammed his newest weapon into the charging kaiju.  The two Basan’s collided.

Then Goryo pulled the third Basan back in close.  Its body had gone limp.  Goryo spun around.  The second Basan kipped off the remains of a building and soared into the air toward Goryo’s head. 

Flames shot down at the kaiju-beast as the Basan descended into the fray.  Goryo dropped the dead Basan in his hand.  He shielded his head from the second Basan’s aerial attack.  The Basan landed on Goryo.  It dug its claws into his right forearm that was used for defense.

Then Goryo reached over with his left hand and grabbed the Basan by the upper thigh.  In one swift motion, Goryo bombed the Basan into the street.  The slam shook the ground and sent the Basan sinking into the subway system below. 

Goryo stood tall as he turned around to face the last remaining Basan.  The Basan burned a rage of a furnace out of its mouth.  It was angry to see its brothers fall.

Goryo charged forward.  Basan bobbed and weaved.  It dodged Goryo’s tackle.  Then it turned on its one foot and chased after Goryo.  Fire cascaded down Goryo’s back. 

Basan stayed close to keep the fire on Goryo.  The two kaiju charged through the remains of Tokyo.  Basan never let Goryo get away.  Whichever way Goryo went, Basan was on his heels with its flames being expelled.

Then Goryo swung his arms behind him.  Basan could not dodge the sudden attack.  It was too close to Goryo to get out of range of his massive arms.

Basan was knocked into a nearby building.  It was dazed from the blow.  Goryo moved fast.  He grabbed Basan by the neck with both hands. 

Basan tried to shriek, but Goryo was clasping down in its throat.  Fire tried to blow out of Basan’s mouth, but only spurts of flames shot out.  Its neck was getting hotter.  The more it fought to shoot fire into Goryo’s face the hotter his throat got.  Its fire couldn’t go anywhere so it was burning up the inside of its own body.

Goryo wanted to hold onto Basan’s throat until the battle was over, but his skin was beginning to burn just from holding it in his grasp. 

Then Goryo lifted Basan into the air.  It still had fight in it and struck out several times with its claws.  Goryo kept his arms straight out, just out of range of the smaller kaiju’s feet. 

There were parts of the city still flooded by the great tidal wave.  Goryo knew the locations throughout his city.  His feet splashed in the flood section of Tokyo.

Goryo submerged Basan’s head into the filthy water.  The water boiled and steamed at the touch of Basan’s skin.  The creature wiggled and fought to break free from Goryo’s powerful grip. 

But it was too much.  Basan finally went still as the flood waters extinguished Basan’s flame.

Goryo finally let go of his final enemy.  He stood up and stared at the limp Basan that had invaded his territory. The other two bodies could be seen amongst the rubble. 

The fires of the kaiju had been lit.  Goryo understood this all too well.  The old world was waking up.  Tengi was no longer around to keep order.  More enemies would come.

Goryo took in another deep breath.  He had to be ready.  Horus was on the rise.